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What is WWI Virtual Academy?

What programs does WWI Virtual Academy offer?

Who should take programs on WWI Virtual Academy?

How will the programs on WWI Virtual academy help me?

What browser requirements should my device fulfill for an optimum learning experience?

Which devices support the WWI Virtual Academy?

I would like to speak to someone, who may I contact?

What types of learning can I expect?

What are the benefits of the peer?

What type of certificate will I get at the end of the program?

Are there any eligibility criteria for these programs?

What data does WWI Virtual Academy have about me?

Does WWI Virtual Academy collect biometric data?

Does WWI Virtual Academy sell or give my personal information to advertise?

Does WWI Virtual Academy use cookies or tracking technologies and/or share my information with other vendors?


WWI Virtual Academy is the perfect choice for aspiring filmmakers and visual storytellers who want to learn the art and craft of film production from anywhere in the world.

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